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Disclaimer!!!: We are back home in Denton, TX. While the information below is mostly correct, the trip around the country took place from June until November 2010.

We have been married about 2 years now. Ever since May 25, 2008. Our story started way before that…but we’ll spare the details for now. The important thing is that we have been united together as one and we share one main purpose in life: To love God and to love people. This can happen in a variety of ways, but currently we have a very specific vision that God has given us for the next few months. We are taking a journey around the states, and a bit of Canada, to find others who are also living out this same purpose and loving others through serving. We hope to meet people at all kinds of different non-profits, ministries, and fair trade operations. We also want to be awed at God’s amazing creation throughout this diverse and majestic country.  We are pretty sure that it will be fairly easy to see both of these things and so we are very excited about what’s in store.

We have different personalities and perspectives and giftings…which makes for a great combination as we complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  Darren is the more creative, artistic one who loves to bring glory to God through art and photography….while Lindsey is very passionate about bringing glory to God through seeking justice in social justice issues and working with/creating awareness for humanitarian efforts. Both of us love to write and crave adventure!  The combo of all these things=exactly what we are on the road to do.

Darren works as a graphic designer. Lindsey works at a university doing admin work and spending time with students. Darren enjoys technology. Lindsey enjoys exercise. Darren likes to eat . Lindsey likes to cook and especially to eat. Both of us love to read and to take walks. Darren works on the house. Lindsey sews. Darren once tried to make the Guinness Book of World Records for pogo stick jumping (failing) . Lindsey drinks more water than any other person in the world. Both have to drink coffee every morning to start their day.