OnTheGoodRoad is about my wife (Lindsey) and me (Darren) doing a little driving. We're driving around America (and a little bit of Canada) looking for two things: The beauty of God's creation and the creative ways that people are loving their neighbors. We have a long list of non-profits and organizations to visit on the trip. We hope people will be encouraged to join the efforts of others or motivated to start something up themselves. We're currently on the road now and plan to go who knows where until who knows when! Thanks for visiting the site! If you know of a place that we MUST visit or know of some people doing AMAZING things to love their neighbor, let us know. There's a contact page for that too. Enjoy the site!
Where are we? What are we doing? Who have we met? Are we having fun yet? The answers to these and many other heart-wrenching questions right here!
Just a little bit about us and what we're doing. By the end of this trip we might be very different people. So this part is subject to change :)
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